Ayurveda consultation diet and life balance


Ayurveda consultation with Kelly?

It involves Ayurveda and Yoga combined, dedicated to promoting your natural health. Ayurveda sees life as a deep undisclosed connection to timing and your own rhythm.

This system of wellness and natural healing is devoted to soothing your mind and body while cultivating energy and commitment to long term health.

An Ayurveda consultation diet and life balance certainly brings new ideas to your life. Such as meditation, better breathing, mantra, mudra are some of the practices promoted but not forced on you. It’s your decision the path you choose.

Find your happy place with your natural rhythm:

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Together in an Ayurveda consultation we find ways to release the overactive mind from deep seated fear, loss, anxiety, insomnia, anger, frustration and depression. Ayurveda uses food, diet and lifestyle to work with illness that sits in the system, and creates excess heat, excess phlegm or tissue or nerve problems. Each series imbalance is dosha specific, but often it is complicated before it becomes clear.

How far we have come

But all the time, Ayurveda reminds us, how far we have come. Through the rivers and over the woods, we meet many wolves and shadows on our route. But Ayurveda reminds us, we are never alone, unless we so choose it. Ayurveda is a natural way into happiness!

We are all unique in makeup and mental design, so each client receives guidelines specific to their balance and innate rhythm. These consultations…they off you space to develop your own definitive self-care practices.

It’s guaranteed to enrich your life by giving you:

1. A system to use that supports your body and mind to create clarity, strength, flexibility and support.

2. Diet understanding according to your body humours and changes to balance your digestive power and ease any dysfunction. Lifestyle review and ways to enhance your natural balance.

3. Food choices based on your body type for natural healing.

4. Education on your balance, your imbalance, the space between contentment and dissatisfied. How to work with our mind set. How to work with your eating habits and why should you? How to get up early in the morning. Why you don’t need to stop eating things you love. Why you might need to start eating bland things. Why all recommendations are temporary. How do you begin, when you don’t know where to start.

5. Ayurveda consultation diet and life balance practices will remove tension and release toxins using a practice that works for your own body and Dosha balance

6. A space for meditation. Why meditation? Without it, our personality mind often makes all the decisions for us. This is only a suggestion, but meditation reduces the dominance of our personality mind, and because of this, it gives us clarity. Meditation is not a forced practice. It may not be everyone’s bag, but it is each clients choice, and if they choose to try, they will find the specific practice for their mind type that will help refine their dosha balance.

Find your happy place with your natural rhythm:

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Ayurveda is very much aware that what makes one person, one dosha happy, could easily tip another dosha over the edge. Each one of us deserves to be as we are. Unique.

Ayurveda consultation deals with holistic health and a healthy lifestyle for our dosha type. That includes our physical, breathing, mental and emotional state…all the energy of our body. The whole body works as one functioning system in tune or out of tune with our environment and the five elements.

Find your happy place with your natural rhythm:

Initial Ayurveda consultations can be done on Zoom but in person is the best way.

Kelly always hopes to take the pulse of each client, to confirm her own diagnosis, or inform her of something she needs to know.

Pulse taking is essential with all in person consultation with Kelly whether it is for a massage treatment or a diet and life balance chat.

Ayurveda consultation

with Kelly is for a duration of 60- 90 minutes. The cost is €80

Maintenance follow up sessions

are for €50 for a 45 minute. Generally done as a series of three sessions within 6 weeks.

So take a step towards happiness, book a session today!

Give a gift of joy – Gift Vouchers from KAyu Spa for Ayurveda consultations, courses, treatments or KAyu Spa retreats. That is love.

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