BALANCE OF SERENITY course is a refreshing and exciting way to tweak your inner balance and abundance. We use the ancient tools of Ayurveda for our diet and behaviours and Yoga for our mind and habits.

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This is the soulful journey into harmony you have been seeking. 

This course will give tools to connect to your own balance.

Begins Tuesday April 18, 2023. Ends Monday May 23, 2023.

Four weeks of guided Ayurveda and Yoga support with Kelly Marie Mills. (Note: there is an extra week for integration.)

Balance of Serenity is a course for anyone interested in clearing out the old and
bringing in the new.
We start with a simple understanding of our body and mind, so we can navigate
how we function.
Ayurveda helps you understand how you can rebalance with simple tools. Then
we create space for clarity and vitality.

In short the Balance of Serenity course, clearing for clarity is:

Five weeks.
Week One: Complete your Dosha/Body balance questionnaire.
A mini digestive consultation with Kelly, to understand your digestive power and body constitution. In Ayurveda its important to meet
your dosha and how the detox process will work for you.
Week Two: Understand how your mind works according to your body balance –
which means, your dosha balance includes how your mind works and how this
affects your body and inner balance. With Kelly, learn how to work with your
mind body balance for the upcoming ten day detox.
It is highly recommended to join Meditation with Kelly as this series will be aimed
at clearing and clarity.

Week Three: Ten Day detox according to your body balance
Week Four: Integration and self assessment of the change of your body mind balance.
Week Five: Final short digestive consult with Kelly.
Each week (except week four) have two drops of education and practices to help
support the group in their Balance of Serenity.
You will find there will be a good bit of information and
Ayurveda practical tools for body mind and balance and sustainable serenity.

Inquire directly just click reply or text or WhatsApp. Go gently, Kelly
Kelly Marie Mills 353 86 1778369

Balance of Serenity course is online. Kelly will be teaching Ayurveda tools for diet and behaviours along with essential practices suitable for your current balance. By Zoom Live and recorded for your use.

This course combines Ayurveda and Yoga as it was always meant to be. Ayurveda works to balance your whole functioning system.

Yoga works with developing the personality mind, life patterns and soulful wellness. Together both help diminish that which we have outgrown, and increase that which will enhance your  life.

The aim of Balance of Serenity course: to connect to your innate natural health and wisdom, which is Serene and in tune with the rhythm of life.

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Balance of Serenity

This course is unique for each participant.

What will you receive from this course?
Here’s the low down:

1. We rejuvenate body balance through two mini consultations with Kelly Marie Mills. The focus is on your digestive power and constitution.
2. There is progressive understanding of your mind, emotions, body patterns and karmas. This is done through inquiry, visualisations and other practices. When we understand how we are, finding the correct healing tools is simple.
3. The unique methodology from Ayurveda offers a rich support for your inner journey.  Proprioception and other mind/sensory tools feel into the imbalance and the rebalance. And you find your soulful wellness was never missing.
4. Each person has avenues that will help their unique soulful wellness.
This course is for you to connect into your whole functioning system, the seen and unseen parts of your being.
We tap into Yoga, and yes, diet, nutrition and lifestyle are important. But also definitely Meditation, massage, aromatherapy, self care, self love, kindness, compassion.
5. Each will receive information and vital education to support your foundational structure. But also how to use methods to counter obstacles. 

You do need to invest at least 30 minutes each day for at least some of the practices. 
6. And we smile a lot. Smiling helps to reduce stress, and laughing removes stress. So you can start now!

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Why this course?

Ayurveda medicine and the science of Yoga offer great support.  This course helps you receive and integrate the information such as:

If feel like you are foundering, and want some direction.

This course does focus on lightening our heart energy. We do that as we begin to see beyond our limiting beliefs, including judgements, loss and pain.

When you have had a rough few months, days or years and you want to be able to depend on a system to help yourself?

We open our mind and understand karma and tools to navigate our perceptions.

Our body takes the brunt of our minds activity. If we find it hard to keep our body in balance, so too the mind is its mirror.

We seek to know our body and create the change we want.

This Balance of Serenity course cost:

Begins Tuesday April 18, 2023. Ends Monday May 23, 2023.

Costs €108 paid in full or installments: €50 week one. €40 week two. €30 week three.

Connect with Kelly for your place on this course 086 1778369

This course is offered as a community, whether we are actually together online, or you choose to watch it later.

Interaction with each other and questions and answers help our own journey and at the same time support the whole group.

But none are a pre-requisite.

Knowing there are others doing the same thing at the same time is community. Coming together for a unique reason: to create balance of serenity within us and around us.

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Contact Kelly?

Email: or WhatsApp 353 86 1778369


Email: or WhatsApp 353 86 1778369

May we all go gently,

And with every breath, know that you are perfect, you are happy, you are whole. We just sort of forget sometimes…another dance, another song. x

Namaskar, Kelly