The Dosha life quiz you are always right


You are at Kelly’s Dosha Quiz area. This is The Dosha Life quiz….from my podcast The Dosha Life, click here to find the website for my podcast. I have not added anything new for a good while now, but am told that it continues to be a great support to many.

This is a questionnaire to give you a brief snapshot of how you are balancing out today or perhaps for the last few weeks.

It is not definitive, we are not made of stone. It is just as life is, a movable feast according to our choices, decisions and karma.

What comes up are identifiers to what is present for you now. Any Dosha Quiz is such a draw on our curiousity, but remember its not about getting to fix something, but learn about yourself on any dosha quiz.

As you made it, so you can unmake it. Well, that’s what karma says. We can always begin again, that is why we breathe. Every breath is another chance to change our future.

This Quiz is still being tested. But always know The Dosha life quiz you are always right, cause Yoga and Ayurveda see there is only one field and we are all equal here.

Fingers Crossed x