From you



From you to me. Firstly, my heart is thankful and grateful for being able to offer this page that you helped me build.

This is a space where you gifted me some taste and lead that I am doing okay…doing what I do.

From You, this is where I begin to see how Yoga and Ayurveda are leaders in bringing health into peoples lives.

My gifts also get the finger pointed at them Little do I understand the nature of quietness. But somehow people receive it from me. I always knew massage, relaxation and meditation are life changing. But I thought it was just me that felt that.

From you to me, these comments, some are old. When I had just learned early lessons. Now my work is refined. Clearer. Kinder.

There is no hurry. What I learned over the years, from my own experience and the witness of others beloved to me.

No one can rush healing. Healing is not back pedalling. Healing is making a choice every moment, to begin new. To begin with an open heart to care for ones body, mind and heart. It is slow. It is meant to be slow because it is a preparation for whatever comes next.

To build this page is like gathering leaves in The Phoenix park….it’s hard to find all of them when you need them. But here is a smattering.

Thank you for being with me on my journey, and thank you for allowing me into yours.

All there is to know? Is Love love love,


Re: Yoga Kelly Maries yoga classes have been a true blessing in my life.I have been astounded at various points over the past few years at what an inspirational and intuitive yoga teacher she is.She seems to reach everyone during her class,whether it be by pushing you further into some posture if needs be,or helping you to realise that things are not all that bad! She has helped to teach me to listen to my body,be grateful for all that I have and very importantly to live in the now.Yoga gives you strength and serenity in the face of lifes little adversities.I have recommended Kelly Marie as a yoga teacher to a number of people at this stage,and they have all gushed about what a wonderful and special teacher she is,and she makes me laugh! A.B.
Aoife B.
Kelly-Marie is a beautiful person. She gives out such a gentle, kind and calming energy its infectious. I absolutely loved the meditation practice and work I have done with Kelly-Marie in the past. I would highly recommend as a practitioner.
Karyn W.
I recently had the fantastic experience of having a 1/2 day spa Ayurveda retreat with was so beneficial and included a full body massage, a body scrub, a customised facial and a fabulous was heaven and I have been reaping the benefits to my funny shoulders ever is well worth a visit the KAyu Spa..Kelly is amazing at what she does..I cant wait to go again..Catherine Delaney
Catherine D.