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Enjoy your dosha response to this space.

Vata tends to rush and run, missing much of what is said and creating more space in their thoughts. 

Pitta tries to find the point of it all and misses out on the essence, and this frustrates them.  

Kapha reads slowly and can get stuck on something. They do remember alot!


First big news:

September Yoga with Kelly 2023

CONTACT KELLY BEFORE YOU ARRIVE TO CONFIRM TIME & PLACE. Yoga with Kelly supports all systems of the body using Yogic wisdom for healing and stress relief.
Every class is a little different depending on the students.
Some may challenge you and others are gentle.
Classes on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays and Teens Fridays.
Special offer: Scroll to the end x

Date: Tuesdays

Tuesday 8am til 8:50am  Before you arrive contact Kelly to confirm class. €10

Tuesday 7:15pm til 8:20pm for those familiar with Yoga  €12


Thursday 7am til 7:50am morning classes In Person & online. Blending tools of Yoga & Ayurveda for systematic health for body mind and spirit. €10

Thursday 7:30pm til 8:30pm Beginners Yoga develops a strong understanding of the core practices of Postures and breathing. An essential part of bringing Yoga stress relief tools into your day. €12

Saturday Mornings 8:45am til 9:45am Resumes September 9 2023

Teen Yoga: Fridays 5:30pm til 6:30pm booking essential )86 1778369 €30 for three consecutive sessions.

Venue & Style: In Setu Studio, H91 DYC3 and Zoom from your own space.

Special Offer: Class bundle deal 10% off – 

6 classes within 6 weeks. €65 

5 classes with 5 weeks €55 

4 classes within 4 weeks €45

Click here for Yoga with Kelly

Contact: Kelly 086 1778369

Detox Into Balance

According to Yogic medicine and Ayurveda, autumn is the perfect time to remove toxins from our body and mind.
This is a month long course to instill the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga for lasting health, immune system support, hormonal balance and an over upgrade on energy levels.

Format: All meetings and Yoga classes are In Person or On Zoom and are recorded for later use.

Date: Registration gathering September 20, 2023
Time: 7:15pm til 8:00pm
Cost: €270pp or Family & Friends Deal: three for the cost of two
Full details and Booking
By text or WhatsApp to
Kelly 353 86 1778369 Email kelly@yogaayurvedaliving.com

Yoga and Ayurveda are combined to reduce stress and release imbalance leading to gentle self healing. This four week course we uses the tools of postures for the body to detoxify, for the mind to rest and retreat into harmonious balance and for your sense of self to rejuvenate and return to your natural rhythm.
Join Kelly for all the details and dates text or WhatsApp 086 1778369

Meditate with Kelly or MWK 6 On Anxiety

Date: To Be Announced, 2023 Ends 2023

Time: 6:30am til 7:00am

Cost: €21

Venue: Online Through Zoom

Format: Monday, Wednesday, Friday for two consecutive weeks.    Six Live & recorded sessions in total. Plus gentle inquiry supports are sent the following day to help integrate the nature that is meditation – a practice of releasing from the overactive demanding mind.

Contact and Book: Kelly 086 1778369 or kelly@yogayurvedaliving.com

This is a supported meditation practice to give  you tools to bring meditation into your life. All 6 sessions are recorded for your later use.

Every meditation practice is different. Just like the threads of our life change, so to does the beat of our heart and mind.

Contact Kelly @ 086 1778369 or email ayurgalway@gmail.com

Give a gift of joy

Gift Vouchers from KAyu Spa for Ayurveda consultations, courses, treatments or KAyu Spa retreats. That is love.

The Dosha Life podcast click here

Kelly began a podcast during the pandemic. At the moment there is only 8 series on it, but plenty of information to support you Ayurveda and Yoga journey. Let me know what you think. x

Give me a shout

Give me a shout at 086 1778369 or email kelly@yogaayurvedaliving.com

I walked through fire and water,  through woods, and lightness, 

pain and terrible loss. But all the time, I had great great love.

Because of love, because of trust,

I found my feet stopped me where I am meant to be. 


See you soon,

Kelly x