January Tango

The Fractured nature of change is a part of any ‘New Year.’

The January Tango. It is a bit of a two step, miss a step, step again. 

What I find the most challenging is the massive swell of urgency that comes with those simple words, New Year. The disparity between ‘New’ and ‘Old.’

I always fell into that surge, trying to do more and the more I tried the less happened,the less change came. 

We already have so much of this world pushing to ‘get somewhere.’ January seems to get the biggest onslaught of ‘Be Better!Now!’ 

This is the first year I am actually fully following my belief. The pressure to keep up with the momentum of someone else is one I have decided to let go of completely. 

I know now, who I am, and what works for me is definitely not going to work for someone else. So why do I, even now momentarily, glimpse someone else seems more productive than me, and I tell myself I need to get busy faster!? 

The ‘Not enough’ belief system is a red flag for conditioned patterns and self sabotage.  You are plenty enough! 

Ayurveda and Yoga have shown me over the years…this life needs a compassionate response to those who want change. 

Ayurveda sees life as a delicate balance of dynamics and an exchange of experiences. The word balance is on the same pole as change. When we find balance, we find that things always change, because that is the nature of the rhythm of life. 

How to bring in compassion? It’s all in the pause. January is rife with telling us to slow down. Wherever you live, even the weather tells you to drive slower! It’s either loaded with boats of heat, rain, snow or wind. 

Too much of anything makes driving rough and makes the daily an endurance test. 

So throw in a big splash of compassion at this time of year. It is a useful tool for all sorts…but mostly it’s a tool for us being human.

We get to meet and sort between what is more difficult in all our needing, desiring, demanding, hoping, wishing for certain things to be exactly the way we want them! (Literally this can be or include absolutely  any subject matter). Most of all we want these things now, and sometimes we demand such big change without pausing. This flurry sets us up for letting our desire be unfulfilled.

Whereas what would have helped would have been to pause all action, and let the changes or micro developments settle. That’s a good place to pause.

See what happens for a bit. Then begin again. In this pause, we add an intention for understanding and non harming. Rushing things shows us our struggle with wanting changes to happen soon. It is also often accompanied by a sense of frustration or anger. In the practice of pause and inviting compassion to awaken, we begin to see our own human process. We begin to allow our own kind nature to attend to me, myself and I with less judgment, and more kindness. It is often revolutionary!

We are who we are, but it didn’t happen by magic. We do things a certain way because in the past…we felt this was the best way to work with this problem. Ayurveda and Yoga have been working with people for thousands of years.

If you want this ancient wisdom in your life, connect with me 086 1778369 and we can set up a consultation, a treatment or a KAyu Spa half day retreat.

Let me know honestly, how do you find the January Tango? How does the January Tango do you? Do you tango or do you overwhelm, get frustrated or resign you own inner silence or chatter?

Or do you feel you can stabilise in your own nature, to combat the friction between the new and old. 

I have a course I hope to run starting January 30, 2023. The Balance of Serenity course gives Ayurveda and Yoga tools to use to support our life. We tweak our diet, we explore our psyche, we connect into our body of breath, bliss, mind and emotions. This course creates a space for everyone to feel into their own natural rhythm. We learn how to practice compassion and stress relief while you are at work, and there is so much more! Click here for more information on this course.

When we use a moment’s pause, we create space, and we develop Sattva. Yah, you know what I am saying! Those who listen to my podcast, you know it well. Click here for a link to me on the gunas. 

For now I say go gently, in compassion, Kelly.

Enjoy your time in the dance with January, it only comes once a year. Lets thrive in doing less, to allow our selves permission to be more. x

Email: kelly@yogaayurvedaliving.com Mobile (Ireland) 086 1778369

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January Tango, is the dance between old and new. x

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