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I appreciate words and writing.

Most especially about things that help me grow and evolve.

This is only the start of all the new bits and old updates on Kelly’s Writings. I want it to be something special for you. Just click any of the subjects, my titles can be weird so maybe have a sconce at a few! 

First offering: The January Tango 

Second drop: Vata is here 

Third on Ayurveda: 

Yoga Nidra, the rest starts here.

   A safe simple journey into your natural balanced self.

If there was a vision quest from the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, it would be this.

It would be without a doubt the journey you take with Yoga Nidra.

This practice connects us to our subtle doshas, the angels of our mind that create and give us oodles of enthusiasm/vata, trust/kapha and wisdom/pitta.  Should you choose this path of healing, you are meeting your subtle doshas too. 

If there was a super power that Yoga could give you, you would find it here. 

If you want to move into a simple state of complete relaxed wakeful sleep, you will do that here.

Yoga nidra is a curious but power packed practice of sloughing off the past stresses and repetitive patterns and diving into a new moment where everything is possible because you are no longer relying on the skills that you know. 

Yoga Nidra takes you into a space of total newness every time. 

Its main aim is to support your whole system. To allow the body to rest.

To allow the personality mind to take a long break, 

This is a journey into your higher mind, the space at the front of the brain. This part of our mind, according to Ayurveda and Yoga, is where we receive queues from the universal consciousness – into our own consciousness.

It can appear as mental nudges, suggestions, directions, symbols, ideas or simply understanding something that we don’t understand how we understand it, it is just what we know. 

It is a door to all your potential. Yet it isn’t just about creativity or manifestation of abundance. 

It is far more than that, it is much more about healing.

Deep healing across the wounds of body, mind and soul.

A once off practice is amazing…and any further practice of it creates a stronger connection to understanding the practice. This enables us to release further into this unique state of silent being.

Join Kelly

In Person at Setu Studio Space H91 DYC3 and On Zoom 

Yoga Nidra, The Rest Starts Here 

Book here: with Kelly 086 1778369 or

Sunday 13 April, 6pm till 7:30pm €15 

Make this your time to connect to your own space of wellness and healing for total balance.

Om Shanti Om 

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Lunch ideas

Lunch is the easy part. How we eat, what we eat, and with whom we eat are at the heart of digestive problems.

Tridosha Lunch Tips coming in hot

Vata: Vata is dry, cold, light and mobile. We should avoid anything that encompasses these at our precious lunch times.

Vata is scattered by lunch time. They grab the closest thing: crackers,pesto & cinnamon tea. Walks around thinking during lunch.Vatas needs warm food if possible. Crackers are very dry, pesto is great with some wholemeal pasta. Vatas benefit from a heavier lunch than a big dinner. In Kelly's writings space, Vata definitely dominates….and I always have to plan ahead.

Top tip: Sit while eating, create a nice environment and atmosphere to consume your food in! You wont regret it. Why would you not?

Pitta: Pitta is hot, oily, sharp. Avoid anything that encompasses these at lunchtime.

Pitta gets Tony the tiger hungry, fast! And runs to get a hidden chocolate bar because the canteen is busy. Everyone is so slow! An hour later Pitta is super cranky because they need real supportive food that does not increase their heat.

Try to prep your food way before lunch to avoid the vending machine. Make some rice, veg and a portion of chicken. Something that can be heated fast! Avoid fried foods if possible. Avoid cold water and water bottles from the fridge! Yes we’re looking at your the Evian’s and all other sources of coldness. Cold water reduces digestive power. Eat chocolate seldom.

Top Tip: Eat with slowing down in mind. Chew your food as much as possible to help your digestion commit to the process. Otherwise digestive imbalance can start very fast.

Kapha: Kapha is cool, oily, dense, sticky. Avoid anything that encompasses these at lunchtime.

Kaphas might get an egg salad sandwich, tea, an apple and a water to hydrate just incase. Eggs are hard to digest, apples are good for Kapha’s but a bit drying to your digestion. Kapha’s are not as thirsty as other doshas so don’t worry if you get concerned about how much water you’re drinking. You’re doing great. Kapha’s have plenty inner hydration already, because they are made of water and earth, they hold onto both really well.

Top Tip: Reduce salt intake and instead bring some spicy spices with you to help assist your damp nature. Peppers, Chili’s or chili powder, a pinch of cayenne on damp type food. Sprinkle on your lunches!

Ensue Digestive Harmony, Bon Appetite.

Remember at Kelly’s Writings I will keep you informed on dosha ideas not just recipes…but ideas for Tridosha is a field of plenty.

OH! Just to FYI for you, we always digest better with Love in our eyes, our ears, our mind, our heart. x

Cream background head shot of white hair lady