Meditation with Kelly

Meditation with Kelly, Online through Zoom.

A two week meditation with Kelly course, with six sessions.
Total Cost for all six sessions €18

This is for anyone who wants to learn meditation or enhance and develop a personal practice…this could be for you. 

Meditation is only a part of a whole system of self healing that enhances our mental facilities. 

This Course of 2023

Begins Monday, November 13

Ends Friday, November 24. 

This November series is on perception and clarity, or the Buddhi mind.

Three mornings a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week.
Same time, same space, same Zoom link.
Start time each session – 6:45am
End time each session – 7:15am

Recordings are available. Those that come to the live stream always say that it was the best support they could imagine.  

There are also bonus supports available for you to use.

This is is run by Kelly Marie Mills, me!

I use Yoga and Ayurveda as the background and support to all

I teach and do. Sometimes you wont always be familiar with a word or two, but that’s okay – just ask me after the session! Yoga and Ayurveda combined are a sisters into healing all wounds of mind body and Soul. 

This is a practical course for guided meditation and practicing as a group. All sessions recorded for use by each participant. Full payment is booking.
Contact Kelly for more information and booking or
WhatsApp Kelly 353 86 1778369

Payment: Revolut tag @kellymariemills or  connect with Kelly for bank details.

Donations  or Thank you tips are welcome but not at all necessary.
Book with Kelly 00353 86 1778369 or

In the beginning meditation can feel like we are ‘doing’ something pro active for our mental health. I agree. Adding to that, meditation is the Un-Doing of all we think, say, hear, see, smell and taste. But conversely, many people feel, especially in the early days that they are doing nothing but thinking as they sit, learning to sit in wakeful awareness.

To be honest, it’s all there. Meditation is a practice of gathering all we can to remain whole, accepting all the parts of us. Even the parts that interrupt our quiet moments, or the part that wants to, needs to, feels it can, it must do nothing but leave the meditation stillness and maybe return again, or maybe not. And that is perfectly okay, it is very normal, it is very human.
It is a bit of a paradox really because meditation is very much a stopping of all action at the start, in the learning days. It takes time, and wherewithal to stick with it. Ayurveda adds to the practices of meditation, as certain body mind types or doshas are better off with certain meditation practices.
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Students come and go, and come back again to learn more, refresh, revitalise and go again.
Yoga and meditation classes give simple tools of stress relief for daily life including meditation and breathing practices to enhance balance and wellness.

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