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Yoga Ayurveda Living

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Yoga Ayurveda Living is owned by Kelly Marie Mills. Kelly uses the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda to share with her students and KAyu Spa clientele. This website is your start point to uncover the secrets of living in whole natural health, aging gracefully and living in your natural rhythm.

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I see my site as a way for those interested in health and wellness to find what they need with ease. The colours of nature are important. But I prefer autumnal colours of deep rust, browns, dark yellows, medium yellows, greens, orange and burnt orange colours…. with images of nature scenes and of ideas that are relevant to the subject matter –
For the site functionality to be smooth and easy to navigate, clear and uncomplicated. I have a lot of people over 50 looking at the site, so I prefer a font that is not too small. as you can see from my currrent website, I try to have the main content in medium size font. (not always successful at that because Gutenburg is so difficult)
I would like this site to bring the health of Yoga and the tradition of Ayurveda into peoples lives with ease.
Ayurveda is over 5,000 years old and Yoga is even older. We are talking about ancient wisdom that is relevant to all ages. I need information to be easy to find. So there are a few pages and I am not sure what will work best.
My office is set in a large wooded area in Kilcornan, Co. Galway.
I always encourage clients to go for a walk in the woods before or after their treatment. What is very important are images of nature – due to my location in the woods but also, Ayurveda is a science based in the five elements of life – Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth – these are significant to the medicine of Ayurveda and Yoga and how we connect to the larger energy of life.
It is because of this, that I love images of the woods and all of nature being a large part of my website and my work (as you will see on my Instagram kelly_marie_mills )
I would like to be able to sell or have people purchase treatments, consultations, courses, gift cards, aromatherapies that I can send out.
I love the search engine on the Rituals website labeled at the top ‘ I am looking for…’ with suggestions in a drop down menu
The Monart site is great with the images and the information – easy to read and easy to navigate further.
I love the Dosha Quiz available on my fourth link example. It is only the quiz I like on this site. its navigation is purely for selling so information is difficult to find.
The difference between The Galmont site and Monart are pretty significant – and so as it stands, the Galmont is only an example of what I dont want even in Font.

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Yoga Ayurveda Living

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