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The Dosha Life podcast

The Dosha Life podcast for the love of wellness from the impressions of Yoga and Ayurveda with Kelly Marie Mills, available on most podcast hosts…here you will meet me in my happy place. Talking on Ayurveda and Yoga.

This is still an exciting venture for a simple sole entrepreneur. A Yoga teacher and Ayurveda therapist, passionate about living life happily, with a bit of verve and quirkiness to boot.

Vata types, the boss dosha of Ayurveda

Vata types, the boss dosha of Ayurveda, you will probably listen to a few minutes of one or two of them and perhaps enjoy them. By the time they get back to them the random sequence will cause them anxiety… and then probably getting a bit anxious that they haven’t kept up with the series.

Pitta types, you will test the waters, not sure what Ayurveda is, maybe find it is interesting. But want to see if the relaxations can hold you still. When you have allocated time, you then will probably binge listen to a few, and get swamped in the perceptive questions Pitta types have. Especially if you like health, wellness, alternative medicine and sustainable health and happiness!!!

Kapha types you will listen cause you know me. You want to see why I have been in hiding for months talking about this podcast and the dosha quiz..endlessly. You will listen cause you care and you know that I am a bit quirky so you want to support me…even though I told you that I over edited the first few episodes and now I have learned that knack of editing …You just smile, nod and know that I am a Pitta type and really strive to hit a mark, probably far to high above my head! 😂

But a bit more about my podcast….

But a bit more about my podcast…. to make it hit the broader world of alternative health and wellness, reviews, ratings and shares might bring git to the ITunes New and Noteworthy list. (Dream big she said.)

Your support would be wonderful to rate and review it. Of course there is a bit of pahlava to the whole shebang with most reviews…but if you can take the time, if you like my work, this would help like bananas to monkeys! And I will send you a gift if you let me know you reviewed or shared!

You can also donate a payment to support for Buzz Sprout hosting, just send to my account Revolut @kellymariemills but let me know you are doing so, otherwise I don’t accept donations x

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If The Dosha Life is any way helpful a review and rating would be sah-weet!

I look forward to chatting to you again soon,

as my work begins to turn a tide, and fortune comes to my open door, I look forward to meeting you all,

in kindness and love,

Kelly x