Vata is here

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Vata rules movement in all of nature. Can you see it ?

According to Ayurveda Vata is the main game changer in our life. If you have a problem, big or small, there is an 80% chance that the vata dosha has something to do with it. 

Ayurveda sees the world through the 5 elements of this life. Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.

These elements combine in three different ways, to become the three doshas. 

The Doshas help us determine our current and natal biological humour, or our body mind type. 

Vata is a combination of the elements of space and wind. This combo creates movement. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of movement, if it moves we call this movment vata. If it stops then vata gets unhappy. Very unhappy. What happens if vata were to stop completely or get blocked? There is going to be pain. And it could be a lot of pain. Or pain that moves around, disappears and comes back.

Ayurveda always implicates vata when there is any pain. Pain may involve the other doshas too, but it may not. For now, know that vata when unhappy may create pain that comes and goes, feeling variable in pain levels too.

Why does vata cause pain? All because she needs to move. She requires movement to be her authentic combination of air and space, she is the mover of life, of time. 

How can this help you? Once we understand what to look for in a problem we can find the right tools to reduce the imbalance. 

What I love about the dosha life and Yoga Ayurveda living is that many treatments are super simple and designed for daily life. Even your extra busy life.

Once you know the signs of each dosha, you can’t unknow them. The more you access this traditional medicine the more it will give you.. 

Vatas nature is half a child of Space, 

Space has nothing in it. Space is life giving, without it nothing can grow. We all need our own space and we sure all felt the implications during lock down. 

Vatas other parent element is air or wind. Wind is drying, it’s exhausting and depleting because it always moves. It lifts us, breathes us and is noticeable in everything just like space. But we really have to look for it to quote, see it and feel it unquote.

In the ancient vedic texts vata is described as “that which moves”. If you think of all functions of the body as part movement, this shows how vata out of wack can be the cause of 80% of imbalances. 

Very important to remember, for vata: without the other two doshas, pitta and kapha, for support Vata is like the conductor of an orchestra, without the orchestra…all movement and now sound. 

Let me know how your vata shows up in your body?

Or maybe you aren’t sure where you feel it. But once again, it’s all about pausing and identifying with what is here, right now.

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Live compassion.

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